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How to stop
premature ejaculation
and last longer in
bed naturally

Everyday, men who once suffered from premature ejaculation make
love for longer... they've mastered sexual performance techniques...
and they satisfy their partners better than ever before!

You will do all this consistently and
please your woman with mind-blowing sex!
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Listen to these satisfied customers before reading further...

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Hey Guys,

Do you want to make love for an hour instead of two minutes? You will learn how to completely control your ejaculation and satisfy your partner with killer orgasms. Men just like you, all over the world, are mastering the techniques in my 96 page, color illustrated ebook, "Secrets of a Marathon Lover".

This 96 page, all-color, life-changing ebook comes with: a step-by-step, full-length video course allowing you to confidently learn from 6 beautiful couples teaching you every control technique and sexual skill; 12 monthly email updates, in which you will learn the secret to meeting and picking-up the woman of your dreams; and a 30-day, 'no-quibble', money-back guarantee!

The book and video reinvent intercourse by revealing brand new techniques I guarantee you have never seen anywhere before. These techniques will turn you into a permanent loaded weapon! In only minutes after downloading the ebook and watching the video course, you will learn how two main positions activate a key acupressure point that controls ejaculation while extending the orgasmic experience, sometimes for several minutes. It’s really simple to follow and anyone can do it.

One third of all men worldwide climax within two minutes
American Urological Association

Did you know women define premature ejaculation as any event that occurs before they have had a full orgasm? One third of all men climax within 1.8 minutes of penetration. Enough! No more! Don't be a slave to premature climax any longer.

From now on, just like many other men around the globe, you will determine if and when you wish to climax. Once you begin to use this life-changing information, watch in wonder at the instant results. Very quickly, you will master all aspects of love making from foreplay to after-sex protocol, including massage, kissing and mind blowing oral sex.

And ladies! Teach these techniques to your partner and you’ll never fake an orgasm again!
You will always be totally satisfied.

My love life was a nightmare and I never got a second chance

Did you ever wish you could perform even a little bit like those porn star guys and be a human sex machine? I sure did and I had a real problem for most of my life. I don't have to tell you what it’s like to climax prematurely... it’s the worst, isn’t it? And rarely did I get a second chance with an unsatisfied woman. By the time I found another sex partner (after a long dry spell!) I was so sensitive, the cycle happened all over again! It made my life a nightmare. Am I right?

So, I kept asking myself how to stop premature ejaculation and last longer in bed

Of course I tried most of the remedies on the web, promising dramatic results for some pretty hefty money but the results were marginal at best. One day, almost by mistake, I inadvertently applied pressure on what I later learned to be key ‘accu-meridian’ points and I found I could control the ejaculatory mechanism at will. Can you imagine what that meant to me? I had thoroughly researched the subject for years and never read anything about this, never. Even better, I didn’t even have to consciously press the spots. It happened automatically just by assuming certain sexual positions at a slightly different angle.

It’s so simple, but it works consistently - see the proof

For the first time in my life, the woman I was with couldn't go on any longer. That made me feel great. I’m a little embarrassed but when I hired a hooker, she would usually start pleading with me about forty five minutes into having sex. Needless to say, I soon became a hooker’s worst nightmare! ;o)

Stop premature ejaculation - guaranteed!

Armed with my new found confidence, I was able to score with a lot more regular girls who were grateful to find someone who could truly satisfy them. I began telling friends about my techniques and I became known as the 'Marathon Man’. So I wrote the book, "Secrets of a Marathon Lover" (using the name Francis Dewey) about how to stop premature ejaculation and last longer in bed naturally. I also filmed a comprehensive and explicit, step-by-step video to go with the book. They share my secret techniques and I sincerely hope I can help change many lives - male and female. This is the real, natural secret to lasting for hours – not minutes!

What will never happen to you again

  • You climax within seconds once you begin making love
  • Feeling anxious about your inability to last more than 2 minutes
  • Worry that your woman will cheat on you with someone who can satisfy her
  • She fakes an orgasm just to make you feel better
  • Hearing that lie when she says, "Oh, it's OK, it doesn't matter much"
  • Losing a relationship because you couldn't satisfy her
  • Embarrassment about your performance so you actually try to avoid sex
  • You feel a complete failure and in dispair

No pills, no chemicals, no hypnotism or stress and no more guilt feeling

I wanted an all-natural remedy, and many men have told the same. I was sick of the pills, chemicals, hypnotism and stress. And, most of all, the feeling of guilt used to overwhelm me but, at last, here is the solution.

Why this offer is risk-free

I decided to charge just a nominal amount for this astounding ebook and combine a 30-day, money-back guarantee if you are less than absolutely thrilled with your results. So, you see, the risk is less than minimal. You won't find anything of this quality anywhere else at this price. The ebook and video contain information on every aspect of the sexual experience and I like to think I’m performing a valuable service.

Your fast-action bonus

Act today and you will also receive the video and 12 monthly updates, absolutely FREE! Yes, FREE!

Get the ebook, the step-by-step, full-length video course PLUS 12 x monthly email updates showing you how to approach, gain interest from and pick-up any woman you choose. This complete package is half the usual price of just the book alone! This special offer is available for a limited time only.

Special sale price expires midnight


I overcame my shame and now enjoy a full love live. I satisfy my woman every single time we make love and today thousands of men all over the world are doing the same. You can, too... your partner deserves the emotional freedom. I guarantee it!

Your friend,

Jim Foley