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Secrets of a Marathon Lover is the world's most comprehensive book about becoming the perfect lover.

This is not accomplished with a magic pill. This is not accomplished with a hokey technique.

Because becoming a masterful, long-lasting lover takes knowledge and practice.

Secrets of a Marathon Lover gives you the knowledge, and guides you to improvement.


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Over 30% of all men climax within the first two minutes of love making.

While, the average time to a man's climax is only just over seven minutes.

But it takes women an average of thirteen minutes to achieve an orgasm...

Why leave her hanging and unsatisfied?

Secrets of a Marathon Lover will teach you how to fully control when you climax...


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Secrets of a Marathon Lover reveals the truth about everything from setting up the proper environment, to masterful foreplay, to lasting performance, to her ultimate pleasure.

In this comprehensive book, you will also learn about a revolutionary new technique that can't be found anywhere else.

With this technique alone, you will be able to stop premature ejaculation and become your lover's wildest dream.


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Did you know that certain sexual positions activate specific acumeridians, which forestall ejaculation with zero extra effort? No squeezing. No clenching. The mere pressure of the positions do all of the work.

Secrets of a Marathon Lover teaches you these positions, and how to leverage them for maximum love-making time.

Also included is a one-hour video that covers all aspects of love-making. Learn, from 12 beautiful couples, how to master love-making; from foreplay all the way to after sex protocol.


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Over 70% of all women report that they never get the chance to have an orgasm.

Don't let your lover fall into that statistic.

Give her the right to brag to her girlfriends. Give her the greatest, lasting gift: Her very own marathon lover. She deserves it.

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